Haaka Taaka Christmas

Since the discovery of Taaka Vodka at The Purity, Gary, Wilson, Little Mister, and I have created a new Christmas tradition. It’s a game called “Where’s Taaka?” We take turns hiding and searching for the Taaka bottle among the holiday decorations.

Little Mister gets so excited that he has to be sedated.


In the spirit of holiday generosity, I invite you to play along.(Warning: The game gets progressively more challenging when Taaka dons a disguise)

040508DSC_0019DSC_0010DSC_0008DSC_0014DSC_0005Some might ask what they can expect to receive if they discover all the Taaka locations.


Happy Holidays!

4 thoughts on “Haaka Taaka Christmas

  1. Way more fun than “Where’s Waldo”…..your house looks beautiful! I couldn’t help but notice
    that your tree is trimmed in the same way that I trim mine….forever the child at Chirismas time!

  2. My personal favorite is the one on the mantel. Does the bottle get opened after all of the hiding places have been located? If so, I’d say you’re all winners.

    • I don’t drink, Erica, but I think your suggestion is an excellent one for those who want to try this game at home. All it takes is a bottle of Taaka, a Santa head, a piece of ribbon, glue, a 14-year old dog and an ornery cat.

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