Pot Debacle

I must apologize for the delay in posting this, but so much has happened since the end of October that I simply forgot.

Marijuana reports in Mendocino County often solicit big yawns among local residents. However, my national and international (Oklahoma City is international, right?) readers are not so jaded.

LilMDespite its Mendocino County setting, the following is a universal story that epitomizes the fragility of the human condition. (If you have trouble relating to it, you may want to substitute “kitty” for “marijuana.”)

This is a story of how anger can sometimes make us do things we later regret. Stupid things—really, really stupid things.

Fort Bragg Advocate News Facebook October 30, 2012:

This just in from the Sheriff’s Office: On Oct. 24, at approximately 8:15 p.m., deputies were dispatched to a reported robbery of marijuana. While the deputies were en route, the caller, Kristen Wright, 32, of Leggett, advised that no actual robbery had been committed.
Wright advised she had arranged to sell 10 pounds of marijuana to three men for $20,000. They had given her four bundles of cash which they had represented as being $20,000 in U.S. currency. The men fled with the marijuana just as Wright realized that only the bills on the top side of the stacks were $100 bills, the rest were $1 bills. She had been left with slightly over four hundred dollars, not the $20,000 they had agreed upon.
Wright and a male companion followed the suspects as they drove south from the intersection of Hwy 1 and 101 in Leggett. Two of the suspects were in a dark Scion. The third man drove a light colored sedan. Deputies intercepted the Scion occupied by two of the suspects, Christopher Jaramillo, 18, of Willington, and Jose Lemus, 20, of San Pedro, in the 44800 block of Hwy 101 in Laytonville. Over 10 pounds of marijuana was located inside the car. Kristen Wright arrived at the scene a short time later.
Lemus and Jaramillo were arrested for possession of marijuana for sale, transportation of marijuana and conspiracy. Wright was arrested for possession of marijuana for sale. All were transported to Ukiah and lodged in the Mendocino County Jail, with bail set at $30,000 each. The third male suspect was never located.

Of course, no sharing of a Fort Bragg Advocate News Facebook posting would be complete without classifying my favorite comments:

The Sarcastic Humorists

“Steal my pot, will ya? I’ll go to jail before I let you have it!”

Gotta love idiots

good to see criminals with principles

Morons all around.

It s still illegal sell, transport and steal. $20,000 sounds like more than personal use. Just a few more pounds and idiots off the street. I bet she is on state aid too.

Sales 101 always count the money

The Educators

you can have up to 6 mature plants and 6 immature plants at 1 time. and all depending in how skilled you are, you can have more than $20,000 worth of crop. And if your selling to someone who has a license which most people do, theres basically no rules…

It never ceases to amaze me, but here I go anyway. Weed is not the problem, really. It’s the people who generally choose to partake at such levels that create the criminal and social stigma. The reality is it alters one’s perception and judgement, as CLEARLY displayed by this brilliant chain of events.

ok this is a crime. what the fuck. if it was a tv and they had given the wrong amount of money it would be considered a crime but not if its marijuana? bullshit! We can cultivate, conceal, transport, & consume cannabis for our own use. why can’t we sell it? Especially nowadays, almost everyone In California has a medical marijuana license. My boss, teachers, nurses etc. Come on people its 2012!

The One Who Reminisces

This reminds me of a story where a deputy from point arena got a call from a person complaining that the people next door were making meth and that the chemicals were running down into their marijuana crop.

The Defender

At least the thieves were caught! She sacrificed herself so they wouldn’t do it to someone else.

The Unclassifiable

Yup i sren something just as stupid the other day regarding someone taking someones car without consent. The person went to get their car that got pulled over and ended goumg to jail too . WTF

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