We Love Lucy

We have a puppy!Lucy

If you’re shaking your head and using the Lord’s name in vain, know that I was doing the same thing less than one week ago.

After Wilson died, our adult children asked if we were going to get another dog. Gary said yes at the very moment I snapped no. Gary looked hurt and the kids got quiet and I felt mean and controlling.

I softened my declaration by saying, “We won’t go looking for a dog, but if one comes into our lives we’ll keep it.” This was stated as a far off, someday, maybe type of possibility (as in hopefully never).

Harrison and Laine, along with Harrison’s girlfriend Kasi, visited for the Labor Day weekend. These constitute Paul Bunyan Days in Fort Bragg. Saturday morning, Harrison and Kasi said they were going downtown and Laine left to visit a friend.

We had plans to meet friends for a late lunch at Dolphin Isle Marina. My afternoon family agenda included the Ugly Dog Contest and the Volunteer Fire Department Water Fights. I was excited to engage in activities that we hadn’t shared since their childhood.

At one o’clock I sent text messages. Harrison and Kasi were running late. Laine was running late. I was running bitter. I decided not to wait for them and drove to Dolphin Isle. I was surprised when they arrived at the same time.

Laine returned home with me while Harrison and Kasi went on a mission to buy fish straight off a commercial fishing boat. I reminded them of the three o’clock Ugly Dog Contest. They said they’d be on time.

Shortly after three, Laine said, “Harrison and Kasi are here. Let’s go outside.”

Harrison walked through the front gate alone. I asked, “Where’s Kasi?”

Kasi was led through the gate by an Arctic white puppy with a brown patch of fur circling one eye. Harrison, Laine and Kasi sported impish smiles.

No! No! Oh God No! I forced a chuckle. “Take it back.”

Their smiles faded.

“Is it a girl?”

“Yes,” they said in unison.

“Okay, then her name is Lucy,” I said. “We need to get her a crate and some food.”

Our thoughtful kids had already gotten everything she needed.

Our thoughtful kids did what they felt was best to help their parents recover from the loss of Wilson.


Lucy’s pack

They had spent hours at the Mendocino Coast Humane Society “testing” every puppy to choose the perfect fit for us.

The remainder of the afternoon and evening was spent loving on Lucy and helping her adjust to her surroundings. That night, I set up an air mattress next to her crate.

My fantasy Lucy was supposed to be a poodle. Or a Yorkie. Or a Yorkie-poodle. Not a Weimaraner mix, a breed that I couldn’t even spell. I lay awake until the wee hours of Sunday morning reading online about Weimaraners, about how they need lots of exercise and how they can grow to the size of a dozen Yorkies executing a pyramid stunt.

Weimaraner_wbOver the course of the night, I tossed and turned while Lucy grew to 75 lbs.

At 6:00am, Lucy whimpered. I opened the crate door and she crawled onto my lap. I marveled that the 75-lb. dog of my nightmares was so small, so cuddly, and such a sweet, affectionate baby.

Sunday was spent with a mass of humans taking care of her.

On Monday after the parade, the kids left Gary and me with sole custody of our new puppy. I stood on the porch, waved goodbye and verged on hyperventilation. Our “pack” was leaving. I wanted to go to the park with a handful of cash and sit at the picnic bench until a dealer came by to offer me narcotics.

We had not had a puppy in many years. We had not finished mourning the loss of our buddy Wilson. We suddenly had to gear up to nurture a vibrant new life.

LucynapWhile Lucy napped, I sat on the sofa and closed my eyes. In an effort to get my breathing and heart rate under control, the word “flow” came to mind.

The currents of life are ever changing—dang it anyway. I can struggle against this fact or surrender to it. I can accept this gift from my loving children and be grateful that they think their dad and I are up to the challenge of raising a dog that will eventually become a great companion.

I choose to honor my children and Lucy. I choose to slip into this changing current and flow.971612_10200414909920136_647040935_n

29 thoughts on “We Love Lucy

  1. I’m not sure that anyone told you this, but dogs adopted from the humane society have 2 free training classes (every Saturday, 1-2 p.m. @ humane society w/Darius). We also adopted our forever friend from MCHS & the training classes, fellow dogs & their humans, are great! 🙂

      • once Lucy graduates from “Puppy Kindergarten”, I’m sure she’d do just fine in Darius Saturday class, which is only 1 hr (there are several puppies who attend, some of whom were adopted from MCHS). And btw, all of Lucy’s littermates have been adopted 🙂

      • Thank you for having faith that both Lucy and I will graduate from Puppy Kindergarten. I’m feeling it, too!
        And we will definitely continue on with training.
        I’m so happy to hear that all of her littermates have been adopted!

  2. What a match!!!!! Lucy is super adorable with that the black patched eye…….What a thoughtful gesture on the part of Laine, Harrison an Kasi……….You and Lucy will become a landmark in Fort Bragg’s history. So happy for you.

  3. Although you can’t say she’s a “Pookie” or a “Porkie”, she’s beautiful and looks like a perfect fit. We can’t wait to read all about your adventures together!

    • My kids are pretty darned awesome. You’re welcome any time to come meet her (call first to make sure neither she nor us are sleeping!).
      YAY for the Salt Witches of East Fir Street!

  4. What a Sweetie Pie! Your post made me tear up – it is hard to lose a family member and make the room in your heart for another one:) Good Luck with Puppy Training and cannot wait to hear about Lucy’s Great Adventures! Happy Weekend:)

  5. Awww… What a wonderful post. Congrats on your new kid. I LOVE ‘wiemers’. So beautiful… And Lucy’s markings are perfect! I wanna meet her SOON. You need to bring her by North Star soon to meet the boys! Call me first and I’ll come down to meet you two.

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