Dollar Store – Part 2

Just when you thought the controversy was over, the Fort Bragg Advocate News Facebook page reported:Planning Commission to hear Dollar Store application.”Dollarstore1

Once again, this gives me the opportunity to classify some of the more insightful comments.

The possibilities are endless: I envision the great dollar mall: all businesses providing goods and services for only a buck. The dollar barber shop — half a bad haircut for only a dollar. The used food store. The dollar motel. Dollar brothel and laundromat. How about the one dollar limousine service? Takes you to the end of the parking lot and back. Buck a beer bar. Dollar doctor.

Getting by on a dollar: My dinner cost about one dollar tonight: rice, three potatoes, carrot, little bit of cauliflower and broccoli, stalk of celery. I’m saving up to get a big stack of corn tortillas.

Freedom from the good ole boys: This is exactly why we have to shop out of town! There is no competition for the good ole boys businesses that are here already. What happened to Freedom of Enterprise? The working people cannot afford to shop in Fort Bragg.

What’s the matter with you?: What “good ole boy” businesses are you talking about?? It is clear that you do not really take the time to actually shop in our town. If you did you would know already that many local downtown businesses are owned by locally grown young women who are working hard to provide merchandise for local people as well as visitors. Before you yell loudly about “affordable” priced goods, you might want to consider the cost of doing business here, the cost of shopping out of town, and the fact that when you actually DO spend money in Locally owned business more of those dollars Do stay here and benefit our city, roads, CV Starr, etc.

Shut up!: I am sixth generation here, need I say more.

As goes Portland so goes the world: I hope this doesn’t happen. One went in a small suburb of Portland that I visit a lot and it has really brought down the value and unique character of the neighborhood. It also added A LOT of litter to the streets and sidewalks surrounding it. One of the reasons I moved to FB was to get away from these types of businesses – they are not inexpensive, they are cheap.

Perhaps you can relocate to an even more remote area: Well, I guess you could always move to Caspar to get away from the evil chains. I think the other 90-95% of Fort Bragg will welcome this.

You effing idiots: I hope it happens. And, all u who say its bad and all that othr crap u say, ill take ur pic at the willits dollar store and post it for all to see! And then catch ya at the “all evil wal-mart”! lol, effing idiots.

Let’s not disgust our sister city visitors: Every summer we welcome our Japanese groups from our sister city… i think they would be disgusted with a china store exploiting children to make crap for a penny to be sold here for a buck… if i want china, i just shop on amazon….

What?!?: So you’re telling me its NOT ok to buy child-made stuff from dollar store but that its ok to buy child-made stuff on amazon?

A short lesson in Sino-Japanese relations: It seems [he] is lacking in a basic knowledge of Sino-Japanese relations. If anything, the Chinese would be disgusted more by the Japanese, in general. You see there was something called the Rape of Nanking where the Japanese commited some of the worst atrocities you can imagine. The Chinese never really forgot about it.

A basic finance lesson: Well I am off to Santa Rosa to buy a super economical car there where I can afford a nice one. Then to Target, and then Cost Plus, with a stop at Cost Co before going to a sears that doesn’t look like a run down mess and has products in stock. I will then Dine at a Sizzler, before driving to Ukiah to go to the Big Lots there and then to Big 5 and Home Depot lastly stopping at the dollar tree in Willits and finishing the day with a tank of Safeway gas and dinner at a jack in the box. Sales tax = Public services; Businesses = Jobs. Just saying Marketing and Business 101

Changing times: In the good ol’ days you could get a nickel for three cents. Now you’re saying a good deal can be had for a buck? My, how times have changed! Fly that flag, comrade! Most American flags are made in China as well. Mine, of course, is American-made — 48 Stars version.


1 thought on “Dollar Store – Part 2

  1. Finally!! Someone with a brain! The idiots that are running this town don’t give a crap about the citizens, who most can’t afford to feed their children or pets, but hey, let’s screw up the streets, and grow flowers in the alleys! Cat food in Fort Bragg is .95 cents a can….Walmart it’s .43 cents a can! It’s less expensive to drive to Willits, fill up with gas, go to Walmart or FoodMax to buy whatever you need! I do it twice a month!
    There are no jobs in Fort Bragg….the idiots running the town don’t care! The Dollar Store would be great!, Jobs, less expensive items! We also need a “Big Lots” and a “Grocery Outlet” The best thing that could happen is to Fire the City Manager and the Mayor, as well as anyone else who has crap for brains!

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