Why were these socks on this sidewalk for over a week?SocksWhy is this shop opening downtown?Oz1Okay, but why?Oz2Why is this the extent of their inventory?Oz3Why are they painting this mural on the wall?Oz5Why does this sign in their window do nothing to alleviate my confusion?Oz4Why would anyone make this or eat this? Why is it sold at The Purity? Why is it stamped on the back: BEST BY 11/2/13? Why do I feel like barfing when I look at it?PickledSausIf you have answers to any of the above questions, please write them down and put them in the mailbox.

5 thoughts on “Why?

  1. FOTFL!!! I couldn’t agree more about the sausage! You have a wonderful response to the things you see around you! I have no answers to the question why? I am not sure there is ever a satisfactory answer…. Nice change of pace to have photos with your comments or should I say questions?

  2. It says in the fine print “Earth Shop/Headshop…” great, just what we needed. How is it that other people can find the capital to open up these bizarre endeavors, but I can’t? The answer clearly lies somewhere over the rainbow. (Okay bad pun, but I couldn’t resist, the Wizard of OZ runs in a loop at my house, it’s my daughter’s favorite. Should be fun trying to convince her that we don’t need anything from the new shop called “OZ!”)

    • I think we should start a pool to gather predictions on how long this place will be in business.
      I encourage people to please write down your best guess and put it in the mailbox.

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