Why? Part II

Why does Lucy’s Laundry post this sign in the window? Why does it make me want to see what manner of wrath I could elicit from Lucy if I washed my clothes at home and took them there to dry?LucySignWhy does this car remind me of the cars I drove in my teens? CarWhy do I not own this fabulous purple car?Purple Car CroppedWhy does this gentleman post these messages on his truck?GreenTruck

Why are the following three people smiling for their booking photos?mugshot2 (2)mugshot (2)http---www.mendocinosheriff.com-newbooking-pdfs-September_05_2012.pdf - Adobe AcrobatWhy does this guy look like he also wonders why?mugshot3 (2)

Why does AT&T allow such an unsightly building to exist in one of the most beautiful places on earth? Why can’t they take some of the thousands of dollars I’ve paid them over the years and buy some paint? Why does this inspire me to unleash the wrath of Lucy on them?DSC02399

If you have answers to any of the above questions, please write them down and put them in the mailbox.

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