Fan Mail

1441214_10152206094356844_1136025372_nHere at, it is our policy to not publish fan letters (mainly because we don’t receive any).

Sometimes rules are made to be broken—as in the case of Lucy receiving her first fan letter.

FanLetterArlo sweetened the deal by offering Lucy a spread of cheesecake photos and his phone number. How’s a girl supposed to resist after seeing his cute little baby picture and his sexy expression as he describes himself “On the hunt”? On the hunt for Lucy that’s for sure.

ArloA meet and greet is pending. We’ll have an update soon.1374220_10152031548311844_1507168159_n

13 thoughts on “Fan Mail

  1. Anxiously awaiting the next installment….dare I say “chapter” in this new development. For the record, just let me say the name “Arlo” is very American and charmingly suggests a trustworthy dog. I like his looks too. Also, his charm is further enhanced by his defiance of the usual conformity one finds in schools, aye, in Life. I like his chances. What does Lucy say? 🙂

  2. Lucy is shaping up to be an elegant young lady, but I predict that Arlo will sweep her off her feet (he’s certainly appealing) and Lucy will give him a run for his money. Two clichés in one sentence and I’m not sorry. Have a great New Year’s Eve. See you in January.

  3. My dearest Lucy,
    I was a bit chagrined to find my letter to you made public, though realize that life with a celebrity requires giving up a certain amount of privacy. But, I’m greatly encouraged by the comments of your other fans who also seem to think we will make a good couple. My pack Mom is out of town this week and I am staying with my human brother (bachelor life is awesome, especially when he shares his pizza). I’m hoping we can arrange our first meeting sometime next week?

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