Get Your Motor Running

Did you know that “Born to be Wild” starts out: “Get your motor running”? If so, I’m impressed. (Or you’re lying.)

That song came out 45 years ago. Until I looked up the lyrics a few minutes ago, I thought it began: “Pitchin’ for a runnin’.”

I never gave any thought to what pitchin’ for a runnin’ might mean. Ever since the sixties I don’t care if lyrics make sense as long as the music is loud.


Big truck, little trailer

I recently learned that someone I’ve known for nearly a decade is pitchin’ to do some runnin’.

Her name is Lynn. She sold her home, bought a large pickup truck, a 1989 trailer and will soon leave her campground at Dolphin Isle to head out on the highway.

She is 81 years old.



The desire to travel has been with Lynn since before she retired. But soon after her salary ended, she found she had to take a part time job in order to make ends meet. Between that commitment and little discretionary income, she felt stuck.

She also felt tethered by her possessions. “Some people are limited in what they can do by children or grandchildren. I was limited by my stuff.”

Lynn gave a great deal of her stuff away, including family heirlooms, and narrowed the remainder down to what would fit into a small storage unit, her trailer, and the back of her pickup.



While she knows there are risks involved with an older single woman traveling alone, she’s willing to take those risks to have one last adventure in this life. Besides, she’s not truly alone—she’s got her dog Sparkle for company.

We all make choices on how to live. These are limited by circumstances of time, health, money and age. Lynn’s choices came down to (1) stay put and wait for the inevitable or (2) get moving and let the inevitable track her down.

Here’s to Lynn’s Born to be Wild rebirth at the age of 81. I wish her many happy miles and amazing adventures.